Bible Baptist Church - Tena Estate

During the fifteen years that the Coleys have been in Kenya, Bro. Coley has served as the Missionary/Pastor of the church at Tena for 11 ½ years, as well as overseeing two other churches pastored by nationals in Thindigua and Nambale. He also assisted national pastors, many of whom were trained by him, in the starting of six other churches with many souls saved and baptized in the nine locations.

In September 2009, Bill turned over leadership of the Bible Baptist Church of Tena Estate to a national pastor. This has allowed Bill to work more in helping the other churches with which he works, in the training of nationals, and in helping these trained men establish fundamental, Bible believing Baptist Churches.

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Current Pastor Jarred Aruwa and family at his graduation from Faith Independent Baptist Institute, December 2011.