Coleys to kenya

Missionaries to Kenya since 1995

Bill and Jane

Right: Who Knew that when this picture was taken that it would include all of the first four (and only, so far) presidents of the Republic of Kenya: seated left - Jomo Kenyatta (1st), seated center - Uhuru Kenyatta (4th), second from right - Mwai Kibaki (3rd), and standing - Daniel arap Moi (2nd)

Left:  Tourism is a major contributor to Kenya’s economy with its wildlife being a significant factor in attracting tourists from around the world.

Kenya is a land of diversity.  You can find the modern and the ‘primitive’ within just a few kilometers of each other, and sometimes even closer.  It is a land with grasslands, mountains, deserts, and beautiful seashores all in an area smaller than the state of Texas.  It is a Melting Pot with people from many nations taking up residence: partly because of the many United Nations programs that are headquartered here and partly because of its natural beauty and moderate climate.